29 Aug 2019

#66: Manipulate Cookies with MyTokens

Love or hate them but every website out there uses cookies. The reasons can vary from tracking purposes to simply providing you a better user experience. Here's how to make use of them in DNN.

Most probably you all recall the "remember me" checkbox that saved your username for future visits on the same website. That is one of the many use cases for cookies.

The EU regulations brought some restrictions on how user data is stored and processed. Cookies were here before GDPR and will most probably continue to be for a very long time. It helps you, the developer, to implement a better UX/UI for the website visitors. Saving small things in cookies can make a website look and behave totally different.

Did you notice the Popup on the Helpcenter that reminds you to leave feedback for the last Support Ticket? That popup shows only if your last support ticket does not have a rating yet AND if a specific cookie doesn't exist. When you click the Maybe Later button in that popup we create a cookie which instructs the website not to show the popup. Of course, the popup will start appearing again after the cookie validity period expires.

That's a functionality you can easily implement on your websites by making use of Action Form, the best dnn form building module, and MyTokens, the one and only custom tokens module for DNN; we've always said that MyTokens is extremely powerful and as with all DNN Sharp modules their power comes from the flexibility; the DNN Sharp products can easily be considered a web application building framework which has only one limit: your imagination (and the amount of time spent learning how to use the modules).

This video tutorial shows you how to manipulate browser cookies with MyTokens through Action Form but the same principles can be applied in Action Grid as well. With the Cookies related Core tokens that come bundled in MyTokens you have the power of a complex DNN Cookie Editor and much more.

Set Cookie, Remove Cookie, Get value from Cookie are just simple operations that can be performed in order to personalize the user interface for your website visitors. You can determine if form fields or entire modules should be shown or not (keep them hidden) while decluttering the UI for better user experience.

Watch and share the tutorial with others and don't forget to let us know what you think about it and what great projects were built using the powerful features of DNN Sharp modules.

In case you're just amazed by what our modules can do and want to learn more don't hesitate to:

  • either book 1 on 1 Premium Support sessions in which our developers can teach you about the secrets of building websites with the best modules in DNN
  • or simply book our Implementations Team to get your Custom Project up and running in no time; building blogs, ERP, CRM or even POS systems, all is possible when you work with the right modules or simply book the right team.

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29 Aug 2019

#66: Manipulate Cookies with MyTokens

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