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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Action Form 3.7 Is Released With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Easter just passed so now we need to take off the party hat, brush the confetti from our shoulders, and turn our eyes forward. “Tempus fugit” as they say. So brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit down at your laptop and get ready for. . .what exactly?

For a new version of Action Form, of course. Guys, Action Form 3.7 is out and it comes with new features and looks amazing!

Action Form 3.7 is not just a fresh coat of paint. We’ve made the core experiences at the heart of Action Form better.

Bringing The Latest Trends In Web Technology in DNN

The whole admin UI was redesigned, so if you’re a big fan of Material Design, you’ll appreciate the overall cleaner look that Material Design principles brings to the Action Form dashboard and templates.

Our team is working overtime to bring you the newest innovations in the fast-paced DNN world, and you know that. We did so a few years ago when we brought AngularJS in DNN when it was in extreme infancy. We'll keep you on the cutting edge, guys!

Action Form 3.7 Embraces Google’s New Material Design Principles


Material Design Action Form

You might have heard Google has been putting together a set of guidelines for web and application design called Material Design. These guidelines and principles set the baseline that web developers and designers should follow for the best user experience.

Known as “Material Design” or “Quantum Paper”, this new design language by Google absolutely redefines user experience on mobile and desktop applications.

Due to the design uniqueness it offers we've decided to bring Material Design in DNN and we've created a new Action Form UI and templates in accordance with the described visual principles.

This increases the usability of Action Form interface while preserving simplicity and nice look and feel. Now Action Form can easily adapt across various platforms and all types of devices.

Want More? Get Prepared To Flex Your Form Building Muscles

Let Action Form 3.7 do the heavy lifting. You can take all the credit.

We've all been there before: time is tight when you're in a web development pinch, and resources and fresh ideas can be tough to come by. But with Action Form 3.7 on your side, you've got a wealth of new features just waiting to help save the day.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look closer at what else is changed in Action Form 3.7:

  • Redesigned UI and templates in accordance with the Google’s new Material Design visual principles
  • Extended the items data source to also accept parameters that are defined in config files
  • Implemented a SQL item data source that has 2 parameters: connection string and SQL query
  • Replaced first option in the drop down with something to read like 'List of items specified below'
  • Implemented the ability to clone fields and actions
  • Implemented file size and file extension tokens: [Upload:FileExtension], [Upload:FileSize], [Upload:FileSizeB]B, [Upload:FileSizeKB] KB, [Upload:FileSizeMB] MB, [Upload:FileSizeGB]
  • Added the ability to allow admins to set a certain value instead of true/false in True/False Checkbox
  • Added Display horizontally option on Yes/No radio boxes
  • Provided a fallback login form when trial expires/invalid activation for a login form
  • Implemented the ability to hook up a few drop downs to some data tables that are outside of the DNN database
  • Added option to allow tokens in input fields
  • Implemented the ability to access the text as well as the values submitted in a tag control
  • Added limit number of tags allow by the input control
  • Fixed the issue when update User Profile Action does not work when username has only numeric characters
  • Fixed [TitleId] does not display its value for Title field
  • Fixed items of second drop down that are not correctly displayed when a link is set on the first drop down
  • Fixed "Positive Integer Number" validator changes to "Integer Number" on Save for a Number field
  • Fixed customisation of token using {0} that didn’t work in all cases
  • Fixed auto Id got unchecked on save
  • Fixed button with [HasRole:Administrators|true]=="true" condition not displayed for Admin user
  • Fixed drop down menu value not saved in Reports
  • Fixed button width = auto instead of 100%
  • Fixed BCC address displayed in CC
  • And dozens more

Join Us For A Free Webinar | Wednesday, April 22, at 12:00 PM EST

During the webinar we will overview new capabilities and major improvements brought by this release.

Register Now

Please keep in mind that there will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. The recording will be available within a few days after the webinar for those of you that will participate.

Give Action Form 3.7 A Try!

There Will Be More

Action Form continues to improve as a result of new web technologies and approaches. By leveraging our community, Action Form is able to naturally and transparently get better and better.

We hope that you like what you see and that you will continue to stay with us.

Our team always strives to get you the amazing products backed up with best possible support and user experience. We will still continue to embrace the hottest web trends and provide more DNN goodies in years to come. Our developments still hasn't stopped, soon we will drop some cool features. It's worth to visit back. ;)

Always Here For You…

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team by popping into our support  forums

Author: Ionut Grecu
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