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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Action Grid 3.0 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Action Grid’s History

Six months down; six more to go, and no matter what — the clock just keeps on tickin’.

I know it’s not summer for all of you guys right now, but here in Romania, we’ve been hit with a serious heat wave. Not like that’s particularly interesting, but man has it been hot!

Besides the weather, though, on our side has been a steady stream of awesomeness. So, without further delay, here are the big news.

Finally, this morning, we held our breaths as Action Grid 3.0 was launched for all the world to see. And so here we are!

Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Action Grid’s history, a giant leap forward for one of the most popular DNN modules. Never has an Action Grid update been more expansive than 3.0.

Thanks to stellar work by our team, the generous funding from our friends Wes, Stephen and Olivier (and to our courageous volunteers who signed up to be our guinea pigs), we’ve worked through the challenges and issues, and now, finally(!) we’re done!

This update includes dozens of overall enhancements that we know you’ll love, and what you’ll find below is just a taste of what Action Grid 3.0 has to offer.

Inline Editing

The highlight of this release is the inline editing functionality, which allows end users to inline edit each individual item in a row or the entire grid. Cool isn’t it?

DNN Inline Editing

It took some carefully crafted code and lots of creative problem solving, but we got it done, and it works great. Our team really knocked this one out of the park. Action Grid is now easier to use than ever before with its new inline editing functionality. It will certainly be exciting to see the new apps that you will create.

Datasource Inline View Action

Several users requested the ability expand an item to show additional information, so we added this functionality too. It was implemented as an action that supports a rich text editor where the template can be created.

Display Details

You guys have been asking for a way for Action Grid to be configured to allow to click on an item in a row and then show data in an information panel.  I’m proud to introduce the new display details functionality (below the current row in grid view and in popup in listing view).

Stacked With Features

Above are some of the major changes in Action Grid 3.0. We did add some other cool features, improvements and bug fixes.

So instead of rambling along about all the awesome stuff, it’s best if you just download it and test it out. Here is a little bullet list of the updates done in version 3.0. You can also head over to the changelog if you prefer.

  • Evoq compatibility
  • Implemented data editing functionality which allows end users to inline edit each individual item in a row or the entire grid
  • Added Datasource Inline View action
  • Implemented display details functionality (below the current row in grid view and in popup in listing view)
  • Added specify CSV separator inline
  • Added option to lock into inline edit mode
  • Added form fields draggable in admin UI (on touch screen also)
  • Added ability to use item tokens inside the condition of the Item Buttons
  • Added ability to compute strings from all selected items
  • Added formatting options for grid fields
  • Added DNN templates on the Send Email action
  • Refactored updating password functionality in Update User Profile action
  • Added hide entire module, not just the grid, when General > Condition is false
  • Added option to use No Pager
  • Added accept HTML inside confirmation message, ok, cancel
  • Added authorize/unauthorize user actions
  • Implemented Date Submitted available as a field to select from to display in grid
  • Added possibility to use query string parameters in the title of the grid's columns
  • Added format number as filesize
  • Added redirect to portal page action should be populated with hidden pages
  • Added tokens that return HTML not supported in Template field
  • Fixed an error message is thrown when i add a new entry with an Inline Edit Special Grid button
  • Fixed item not deleted when a form is set as grid's source
  • Fixed manage grid opens a blank page
  • Fixed not all template body is displayed when the grid's template is set to Grid option
  • Fixed export to csv upgrade issues
  • Fixed grid button with no action on it opens the field in inline edit mode
  • And dozens more

Want To Take The Full Advantage? Join Our Free Webinar

Of course, these few things only scratch the surface of what Action Grid 3.0 has to offer. There is so much to talk about, and we can’t wait to share with you all the great things we have been working on over the past months. So we have decided to do a free webinar that will aim to teach you how to take full advantage of Action Grid 3.0 and its new options.

So get comfy, grab a drink, and get ready for an awesome free webinar about a truly epic update!

We’d like to take you behind the scenes to offer some important takeaways regarding Action Grid 3.0.

Register Now

Now What?

Update your module or if you aren’t using it yet and want to give it a try, download it now.

Wrapping It Up

As we release Action Grid 3.0 into the wild, I couldn’t be more happy of the product we created, nor could I be more happy with the amazing DNN Sharp team that developed it! What’s most rewarding, however, is watching our community thrive.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers such as Wes, Michael, Nathan, Richard, Ryan, Stephen, Jeron and many more for helping us get to where we are today. We couldn’t have made this giant leap forward without your support, feedback, and suggestions. I also want to send extra love to our VIP customers who helped us throughout the Beta Testing period.

This is just the beginning for Action Grid. We have come a long way, but every day we are overflowing with ideas on how to make it even better.

We are laying the foundation for what will continue to be the most powerful and easy-to-use grids builder in DNN.

So… (drum roll).. what do you think of the changes? We’d love to hear your opinion.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions — we’re always keen to make things clearer for you, so comment away!

Author: Ionut Grecu
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