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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

πŸ™ Big Thank You For 2019 πŸ™

2019 inside DNN Sharp was marked by two major milestones: a maturing of DNN Sharp (rebuilding the website content, constant release of features and functionalities, building the App Builder) plus a second project born out of it, which morphed into a real business in time. 

A retrospective of 2019 would look like this: 

Fixed Bugs – 651

New Features Added - 107

Video Tutorials – 16 – on the 1001 page

Projects delivered – 19

Responded support tickets – 1493 resolved cases



Keeping a ready rhythm with the end of 2018

The beginning of the year only reinforces some already established practices: DNN Sharp continues its series of tutorials and educative videos on different functionalities. 

In short, we introduced the progress bar for an easy way to track work progress, making it accessible to anyone to see what, when, who made changes in the database. 

From our community side, it looked like this: ‘’This was very cool for me. I spin through entities all the time and have often wondered if the process was still running or not. This allows me to see where in the looping I am at all times. I also learned about toast messages, and a little more about Razor too. GREAT Video!!!’’ - Jerry M. 



First-time mention of Plant an App
We’re mentioning and introducing for the very first time Plant an App, the name we’ve given to the project we started working on (a low-coding platform) while at a tech conference in Colorado.



More functionalities added, more tutorial videos produced

The action Grid just receives embed functionality that allows anyone to show the same grid module on multiple pages or even websites. The educative videos such as  ‘’How to build an online store with Action Grid?’’ keep going on.



DNN Sharp gets a facelift

The last month of spring brings a facelift to DNN Sharp. We join forces with a marketer and start building a strong foundation for this department. The first one on the list: updating the website content, visuals, UX/ UI improvements. We also reworked the way the services were presented.

 A snippet from the new website



Plant an App, introduced again at CDNNECT

The beginning of summer outperforms a previous record: we release the first 1001 video tutorial that goes past one hour. 

‘’Plant an App, The Low Code Development Platform on DNN’’ is the name of the presentation Bogdan, the CEO gives to a large audience inside CDNNECT June conference in Switzerland. 

By the end of the month, we could proudly claim that 124 products were delivered solely in the last three months. 


New office in US

October was about simplifying: Host And Extended Standard License Pack are removed from the DNN Store, while keeping the popular ones (Standard, Enterprise, Developer). Business and strategic-wise, we opened a new office in San Francisco, which meant the CEO plus two core team members relocated for a while to gain deeper insights into the market. 



Harvest Time

November was a month of harvest for us. The ‘’fruit’’ we picked and celebrated:

  • The App Builder gets released, an all-in-one platform for all DNN projects (an app builder orchestrator for fast delivery of projects). 

  • At the same time, what started in February as another project (Plant an App), in 6-month time becomes a real business opportunity. Plant an App gets accepted at one of the largest pre-seed incubation programs worldwide, which means some of the team members shift their attention and time investment into Plant an App, along with a marketing director joining us, which brings us more structure and fresh perspectives into the business.  

Put into a larger context, this achievement is only a natural result of 10 years of building DNN modules, delivering a better experience with every year. We’re beyond grateful to experience how hard, constant work really pays off. 

2020 and onwards

In numbers, everything might seem appealing, but behind numbers, there is hard work, teamwork, a supportive community (thank you, thank you!) and an open attitude to continuously improve our work. 

Thank you for sticking by, for your constructive feedback, for your patience! Your contribution brought us this far and we would really appreciate your feedback moving forward. Send us an e-mail and tell us where do you see DNN Sharp in 2020 and what’s the main area we should focus more on?

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