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Blockchain Security - Anchor and Verify Your Data Straightaway!

If your business relies on vital data (financial/medical/legal records, online purchases etc), then this add-on provides the extra layer of security you’ve been thinking about. From now, concerns regarding the alteration of databases are simply gone!

Using Tierion, a verifiable record of any data will be created on the blockchain. More precisely, a hash will be created for each piece of information from you database. Anytime you want to use the same item, a new hash will be created and compared to the one stored in Tierion. Then you will be notified if your data has been compromised or not.

The hash will be created manually. This gives you the possibility to set the data that will be hashed, the description, an error message and a condition. You will have multiple intuitive sections to create and verify hashes: Date to Hash, Post Hash Item and Recheck Receipt.

For example, if we want to add more security to an online car shop, every time a new product is added, a hash should be created from all important data like ProductID-Price-etc. This hash should then be posted to Tierion.

Now before accepting a payment for the car, all data should be checked. Create a hash from the same data ProductID-Price-etc and verify it against the one stored by Tierion. If the data is ok, everything is fine and you should move forward with the sale. If the data has been altered, someone might have changed the price in your database. In this case you should not go forward with the sale.

Simple, fast and efficient! Store data from any application and device with this comprehensive add-on! Keep in mind that you have to create a Tierion account and that your subscription includes 100 free hashes.

Minimum requirements: DNN 7.2.1, .NET 4, Action Form 5.5.6.+, Action Grid 4.0.413.

Check out our site, read the documentation and buy our product here.

As usual, the first 5 customers will automatically get a 25% discount. Hurry up!
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