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Get Creative with Dynamic Rotator .NET

Did you know Dynamic Rotator .NET integrates with My Tokens? It’s true. Sure, text and images work great, but Dynamic Rotator .NET also automatically replaces tokens inside slide titles and texts. So get creative! With Dynamic Rotator .NET and My Tokens it’s super-easy to create  a personalized experience. Each slide in your rotator can be fully equipped to deliver your message in the most compelling and relevant way possible. In this post we’ll look at some creative uses for your ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

Getting Started with Dynamic Rotator .NET

If you've used Dynamic Rotator .NET before, you know that it’s capable of some pretty impressive features. Slide anything you want, how you want. Unlimited slides, unlimited elements on the content slide stack, transitions, text effects. Any size, any color. Custom transitions & animations for each element on the slide! Slides can be easily organized using drag&drop operation. Also, you can drag slide graphics from on slide to another. Excellent integration within every page ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

Dynamic Rotator .NET is back!

We have some big news – Dynamic Rotator .NET is out now! This time it's all jQuery flavored. We've dropped flash support and focused on implementing the features that our customers missed most. The flash component has been giving us a lot of headache. By removing it we've enabled a few features right away. The most important is the ability to add any number of texts to a slide and animate them differently. Next, we've added a rich text editor for slide texts. This will allow ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

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