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What I think about Plant an App so far

Learn the unique perspective of Mark Buelsing as he migrated his systems and development efforts from DNN Sharp to Plant an App.

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Exclusive Plant an App Features

As DNN Sharp is evolving in more robust and unified platform, called Plant an App, this questions comes up often - what are some exclusive features that users upgrading from DNN Sharp are expected to get?

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A successful migration strategy to Plant an App

Plant an App has already been around for more than a year. Many of our DNN Sharp customers already migrated to using Plant an App. Lessons have been learnt and shared, and I’ve compiled them here in a success story.

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The App Builder, Officially Available on the DNN Store

The App Builder, Officially Available on the DNN Store

Announcing the launching of the App Builder on the DNN Store

A presentation of the App Builder, what it brings in comparison with the App Sharp, why it is our biggest achievement so far, and how to choose the plan that meets your business goals!

Author: adina m
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Release v.7 has shipped!

Release Notes for App Builder 1.7 and DNN Sharp 5.7.x modules

Hot on the heels of our v.6 mega release in July, we're back at it again this month with a little diddy we like to call, "the people's choice."
We partnered up with our fabulous support center team to pull in all kinds of little fixes and enhancements you've been asking for.
Read on and see if one of yours made the list!

Author: Reza Garrow
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