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Sharp Look 1.1 new updates: the cool just got cooler

Sharp Look 1.1 new updates: the cool just got cooler

After months of hard work, the day has finally arrived: Sharp Look is now even better and faster. And cooler, of course!

Today we’re very excited to announce the release of a new version for one of our best products, Sharp Look! 

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Holiday Greetings from DNN Sharp Jedis Everywhere

Rushing for Christmas gifts to lay down under the Christmas tree is almost a sacred ritual that no one can miss and even this year it is going on. We want to take part in making this time a special one, and because Christmas means sharing & giving, and in keeping with the spirit of the Holiday, we’d like to GIVE you something unique.

Now, unfortunately, we can't afford to give away free licenses as you deserve it, but here's an offer that's as good as a free license - get Web Sharp and App SharpSharp Look andInfoBox now with a massive 30% discount!

Make a Christmas gift for yourself and in one move you’ll have our powerful RAD tools in your hands ready for your projects and at a discounted price.

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A New Day For DNN Has Arrived. Sharp Look Is Here!

After months of hard work… the day has finally arrived. Sharp Look is here

Sharp Look has launched in a shiny way, in our way, at DNN Con. Doing things a little bit differently is how we plan to roll from here on out. Not just to be different, but to do things the way we want them done.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our beta testers.  Your insightful feedback and comments have already been developed into Sharp Look 1.0 and more ideas are planned for Sharp Look 1.1 and beyond. Yes, your feedback matters and you are helping us build a better Sharp Look. 

We also want to thank everyone who has tweeted about Sharp Look. With your support we have been able to stay focused on our customers and the development of our products, rather than worrying about marketing aspects.

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Let The Countdown To Sharp Look Release Begin

I know that we have been working on Sharp Look for some time, and that everyone is getting anxious about when it will be finished. We get countless questions every day asking “When will Sharp Look be released?” Our fans are holding back on new projects because they want to take advantage of Sharp Look, and we understand that not having a release date can be frustrating. We have been reluctant to give any specific timeline, because it’s impossible to know how long certain features will take to develop.

We are getting close now, however. In fact, we are so close that I finally feel confident in announcing an official release date! You can all stop asking us now!

The countdown timer has been set, and we are sticking to it! Our official release date for Sharp Look is November 8th, 2014, at DNNCon, of course.

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The DNN Revolution Is Here! Sharp Look Beta Is Out!

After months and months of hard work, coding, testing, debating, discussing, fixing, building, building, building and more testing … we’re getting very close.

Today we’re excited to announce that the Sharp Look beta software is released for those that joined the Sharp Look Beta Program. The journey to Sharp Look 1.0 begins now, and we would love for you to be involved. We have already opened the factory doors...

So what is the Sharp Look Beta Program ? Well, that’s what this article is ALL about… Let’s go through some specifics.
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