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Friday, December 20, 2013

DNN Advanced Search Add-on For Action Form 1.0 Is Out!

Let's face it... A powerful search functionality is fundamental for your online business, especially when it comes to provide better results for your users, which means happy users.

The big downside is that if using DNN for your corporate website, a blog, a magazine and so on, you soon be realized that the default search tool available isn’t the one you required.

We all know that DNN is a powerful CMS tool and many of the features offered are quite advanced for the market, yet their search still seems to be lagging.

The functions offer a very simple solution for an extremely complex problem – finding the right content on your DNN portal!

Folks, the cure is DNN Advanced Search Add-on, an extremely powerful Action Form extension which was just released!

How's That Possible?

Well, DNN Advanced Search Add-on for Action Form provides an interface to Search Boost, the number one DNN search engine, enabling highly customisable search queries and lists of results by means of advanced filtering created through custom forms.

Essentially you’ll be creating your own search engine that will be more efficient and user-friendly than ever before! Check out the getting started video below, and you’ll see what I mean…

It will rock!

Not bad huh?! :) Let’s take a look under the hood to see the main DNN Advanced Search Add-on features…
  • Multiple Search Boxes - this means that you could link multiple search boxes to same Search Boost instance. You'll only need to configure the search instance once and then you can customize different search boxes with infinite filters
  • Implicitly Filter - this feature is very useful if you want to implicitly filter by metadata and Custom Data, generating lists of results quickly and efficiently and allowing you to customise the output
  • Explicitly Filter - you'll be able to instantly improve the search experience of your DNN portal visitors by providing them controls to explicitly filter by metadata and Custom Data


What are you waiting for?

Explore the DNN Advanced Search Add-on demo now or Buy a license now. As you saw, we have been working tirelessly for over five months on Action Form and it feels great...

This Is Just The Beginning

Our main focus regarding Action Form was to create a strong foundation that we could easily expand upon in the future. Action Form has been built to scale, making it easy to add more extensions in the future.

The add-ons set you see today is just a glimpse into the future of Action Form’s awesomeness :).

Updates are coming! Stay tuned!
Author: Ionut Grecu
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