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DNN Excel Generator Add-on 2.0 brand new release!

DNN Excel Generator Add-on was launched last year; ever since, we have tried to analyze what the best features that we could include in this module to make it even more user-friendly, secure and up-to-date with our clients' needs and requirements were.

And the final result is this brand new release of DNN Excel Generator Add-on 2.0 with its new features, improvements and fixes that you’ll discover as you use it.


Let’s analyze a bit the DNN Excel Generator Add-on 2.0:

Breaking Changes

  • Increased minimum requirements to DNN 6+

Features, Improvements and Fixes

  • Implemented the possibility to have a pattern to use for file names on the server
  • Implemented the possibility to serialize the grid columns which have tokens as title
  • Added requirement for numbers to be written as numbers in .XSLS Files, not strings
  • Implemented a password protection
  • Implemented support for formulas
  • Added a Field Separator option on the Excel from text action (allows EXPR)
  • Fixed the bug when number of columns > 26 then an error is thrown

Give DNN Excel Generator Add-on 2.0 A Try

Now you can enhance your Excel generated results by creating spreadsheets for easy management and third-party imports using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules.

DNN Excel Generator Add-on uses the powerful .NET library EPPlus to write Excel 2007/2010 files using the Open Office XML format (xlsx). This means you can use the library you know and love to quickly craft spreadsheets.

Download Excel Generator Add-on 2.0

First 5 Customers Get 15% OFF

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Wrapping Up

So please let us know: is Excel Generator Add-on 2.0 the right tool for your needs? Would you suggest a different approach? These features are for you, our customers, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on our products.

We appreciate every bit of feedback we receive. The improvements made to our modules over the past 10 years are thanks to all of you. So we are eagerly waiting to hear your opinion on Excel Generator Add-on 2.0!

Enjoy our products and thank you for choosing us!

Author: Iulia Carp
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