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DNN PayPal Add-on 2.0 Is Here!

This new release is rolling out powerful under-the-hood updates to help you create a positive, integrated payment experience to drive your customer retention. Cutting to the chase, starting today DNN PayPal Add-on integrates not only with Action Form as before, but also with some other top DNN modules, such as Action Grid, Sharp Scheduler, DNN API Endpoint and InfoBox. Imagine the possibilities! You'll be able to build a digital commerce platform and start selling online in no time.

Can Better Payment Tools Boost Sales?

Of course! You might say that payments may seem simple and unimportant; they just involve exchanging money for goods or services, right? Even young kids can go to the store and buy candy for pennies, or (these days) make bids on eBay for interesting toys.

However, modern payments have the potential to be much more and contribute to your bottom line. A powerful payments tool can become an important ally in your quest to boost your sales without any additional effort on your part.

It’s crucial to integrate payments into the entire shopping experience. Imagine if you had to walk across the street or next door to make a purchase at a local shop. You’d probably set down your item on the journey and give up on the process. That’s what it feels like to your customers when you send them away to paypal.com to pay for your products. You’re brushing them off and reducing the chance they’ll come back to complete the purchase.

That is why we’ve released DNN PayPal Add-on 2.0 - to give you a more holistic and customer-centric approach to payments

But don’t take my word for it, check out the detailed documentation to see for yourself what DNN PayPal Add-on 2.0 is capable of.


So instead of relying on the existing, but limited, DNN solutions for payments, you can increase conversion, authorization, and renewal rates by choosing DNN PayPal Add-on. What are you waiting for?

Get DNN PayPal Add-on before everybody else!


The first 5 people who buy the product will get a 15% discount! 

At checkout use the following coupon code: PAYPAL20 


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Author: Ionut Grecu
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Ionut Grecu

Ionut GrecuIonut Grecu

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