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DNN Sharp Challenge: Faster Website or $1,000

Yes, the fastest most secure hosting for DNN (for competitive pricing) has a name: Plant an App

Our idea at DNN Sharp was to create a service that includes hosting, licensing for our modules, security and full high quality support around all these. This way, you can focus on growing your business while we got your technical solution covered.

People usually become skeptical when hearing us say it’s so fast. 

So here’s the deal: 

  • if we’re wrong then you get $1,000 (yes, that’s one thousand US$) that you can use to acquire any of the DNN Sharp products;
  • if we’re right, you commit to host your website with us. In terms of costs, we’ll either sign you up on our standard plan of $60/mo (or $120/mo with Web Sharp  Collection and Sharp CDN included) or create a custom plan that matches what you’re currently paying (and of course, comes with better performance for your website).

Below you'll find the terms and conditions for this campaign, as well as the signup process. Before that, make sure to also check our Security Specification and Performance Analysis.

Are you ready for a faster website? Send us an email to sales@dnnsharp.com.


The parties involved in this agreement are DNN Sharp and The Client that wishes to enhance website performance and security and commit to a hosting agreement if this is achieved or receive $1,000 voucher as compensation otherwise.

1. Signup

DNN Sharp requires the following information to be able to conduct the performance analysis:

  • A copy of Client’s website and database that DNN Sharp can setup on its infrastructure

  • A link where the website is currently hosted so DNN Sharp can compare performances

  • Current website setup (dedicated/VPS/shared hosting) as well as the price the Client is currently paying. DNN Sharp will keep this information confidential. It will help create a hosting plan that is comparable in terms of pricing.

  • Instructions on setting up the site if needed. For example, DNN Sharp might need help with setting up the licenses for 3rd parties that are bound to domain names or server IPs. The cloned website will run under <subdomain>.apps.plantanapp.com.

Please send the above information via email to sales@dnnsharp.com.

2. Performance Profiling

In order to determine the performance gain, the following tools will be used:

Both the live and the cloned website will be warmed up before running tests with these tools. Warming up a website usually means running it a few times through the same tool and same region. Measuring results also mean running the tests multiple times, eliminating results that are far of (which usually are an indication of something exceptionally happening on the systems) and choosing best averages.

DNN Sharp and the Client agree that the performance is increased if the average of these 3 tools is greater on Plant an App system than it is on the live site.

3. Security Analysis

Security is also nearly always increased on Plant an App infrastructure. Although this campaign is focused on performance indicators, it will be good for the Client to know that the security is also enhanced.

The following steps will be involved in determining if security has improved:

  • Port scan to see how well the server is protected

  • Analysis of the SSL certificates

  • Analysis of Security Patches

  • Analysis of DDoS protection capabilities

4. Disclosure

By taking advantage of this campaign the Client agrees that the results related to performance will be made public along with the website name. DNN Sharp won’t disclose any information that would result in the website being compromised, loss of business or any information that is gained from having access to the files and database. The only information DNN Sharp will publish is that which can be observed from outside the system by running the tools described at point 2 and point 3 of this agreement.

5. Commitment on Hosting Agreement

DNN Sharp commits to deliver a performance report within 2 weeks after receiving all the information at step 1 (including Client’s help to setup the particular aspects of the website if needed).

If the performance gain is achieved and proven, the Client commits to sign a hosting agreement for the respective website (and optionally others) within 30 days after receiving the results for a minimum period of 12 months.

We’ll either sign you up on our standard plan of $60/mo (or $120/mo with web sharp licensing) or create a custom plan that matches what you’re currently paying.

5.1. Upgrading DNN 7 websites

Starting 1st of January, 2018 DNN Sharp drops support for DNN 7. This means if the hosting agreement comes into effect, the Client agrees to upgrade the website to DNN 8 or DNN 9. DNN Sharp is committed to this initiative and will also offer services for a heavily discounted rate of $30/hr for all clients signed up through this promotional campaign.

6. Getting the $1,000 voucher

Upon failing to demonstrate that the website performance was increased within 14 days, DNN Sharp will give a $1,000 voucher that can be used to acquire any of its products. The Client is allowed to purchase multiple products, but they all have to happen on the same deal (one transaction). In other words, it can’t be used for getting an Action Form of $100 now, and a Sharp Scheduler licence 4 months later.

If the total cost goes above $1,000, the Client will have to pay for the difference.

7. Compensation and Arbitration

In case the performance analysis is contested by either party, the Client and DNN Sharp will provide additional information to determine where the inconsistencies are. If this fails to reach a resolution, arbitration can be brought in by employing the services of external DNN consultants that are knowledgeable of DNN performance. The fees will be supported by the party that loses the argument, or split in two equal parts if the situation can’t be concluded.

In case the performance gain is determined to be achieved by the external consultant but the Client no longer wants to go into a hosting agreement, the Client shall pay DNN Sharp $1,000 in compensation for the effort put into profiling the website.

Needless to say, failure for any party to follow the terms of this agreement would result in a damaged relationship and a bad reputation within the DNN ecosystem.

Are you ready for a faster website? Send us an email to sales@dnnsharp.com.

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