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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Easy Container 2.0 Is Out! ... With Responsive And Adaptive Options!

I've got lots of interesting stuff for you this week, so let's dive straight in.

First of all, let me ask you something. It's an issue that anyone who's done even the littlest bit of tinkering with DNN has come across. The question is: Are you getting to the point of being unable to keep up with the endless new resolutions and devices?

Well, It Depends

Yes, that two-word sentence is the short answer to this question.

But that wouldn’t make for a very exciting article, now would it? Still, it’s the truth. The best way to deal with the responsiveness paradigm depends on a variety of factors.

People set up DNN sites every single day. Some take the out-of-the-box approach. That is, they install DNN, set it up, and use a responsive skin exactly as it was made. They’ll start adding content and that’s that.

Others like to customize things a bit. And while you can accomplish an awful lot through the delve into the code yourself and add a few lines on your own, there still might come a time when you find that you need to make your life easier by using the right DNN module to do the hard work for you.

At some point you may find that you want to define which DNN module is visible on what devices. Or perhaps you want to programatically decide which module is displayed.

What’s happening if you’re not well-versed in working with the backend of DNN but would still like to make some custom tweaks for your DNN containers?

Luckily for you, our community, especially our friend Richard, has already thought of this.

Easy Container 2.0 Is Released!

Thanks to the air conditioning in our new office and the occasional ice cream, our developers have managed to stay productive in spite of the rising temperatures. During the past weeks they’ve added some cool new features to Easy Container, which we’re proud to introduce to you today.

Custom DNN Containers

Eager To Know Why We Are So Excited?

Here’s a hint: the name of the most eagerly anticipated feature is… wait for it… Responsive and Adaptive Capabilities!

This is a capability that our beta testers have called “a must-have tool” and “a game changer”, letting developers define which module is visible on what devices!

Sound interesting? Then let’s cut to the chase and take a look closer at what's changed in Easy Container 2.0:

  • Added responsive capabilities to control visibility, layout and appearance of modules across devices

  • Added ability to specify server side condition to control module visibility

  • Added support for media queries; rewritten settings with AngularJS

  • Implemented file browser

  • Fixed issue with duplicate container error when creating new container

  • Fixed getting list of folders and files on child portals

... and more

Need More?

Head over to our video tutorial below and ask yourself if any other commercial DNN module even comes closet to this.


Wait! You Don’t Have Easy Container Yet?

Well don’t just stand there! Go get the trial version!


You are indeed entering a new age of Web development. Far too many options are available now, and there will be far too many in the future to continue adjusting and creating custom solutions for each screen size, device and advancement in technology. You should rather start a new era today: creating DNN portals that are future-ready right now!

Understanding how to  define which module is visible on what devices doesn’t require too much learning, and it can definitely be a lot less stressful and more productive than learning how to design, if you’re choosing the right tools.

… And remember! Besides saving you from frustration, using Easy Container is also best for the user. Every custom solution makes for a better user experience. With Easy Container you can create custom solutions for a wider range of users, on a wider range of devices.

Your DNN portal can be tailored as well for someone on an old laptop or device as it can for the vast majority of people on the trendiest gadgets around, and likewise as much for the few users who own the most advanced gadgets now and in the years to come.

Easy Container creates a great custom experience for everyone. As DNNizens, we all strive for that every day on every project anyway, right?

And there you have it! Hopefully, you now have a broader understanding of what Easy Container 2.0 is all about.

But what I want to know is, did you find these new features shipped with Easy Container 2.0 useful? Please feel free to share and add your comments below! 

Author: Ionut Grecu
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