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Friday, February 6, 2015

Fear Not, Form Fans! Action Form 3.6 Is Live

January flew by very quickly and I can’t believe its time for another release. I hope that you have recovered from the December festivities and that you are all back running your DNN portals with plenty of new ideas.

Grand news for all the Action Form users out there! It took us slightly longer than anticipated but Action Form 3.6 is now available!

Action Form 3.6 brings about an array of cool features, some major improvements all round to the speed and performance and dozens fixes. 

Enough with the boring details, let's take a look at what happened the past six months with Action Form: 

  • Evoq 8 compatibility
  • Implemented dropdown with checkboxes control
  • Implemented Google Chart control
  • Added action to export reports in different formats (XML, XLS, CSV)
  • Added option to enable fields based on condition (similar to the show condition)
  • Added action to Execute Token
  • Added server IP info under license section
  • Added query string token
  • Added ability to load custom control templates dynamically into the main template
  • Added check/uncheck all for dropdown-checkboxes
  • Added limit file extensions allowed for Single File Upload
  • Added OnChange for checkbox list
  • Added more number validators for positive numbers
  • Optimized performance 
  • Replaced the Ajax initialization code with loading the model right on the page
  • Upgraded AngularJS
  • Fixed submitting a form after button onclick returns false the first time
  • Fixed region field to load value
  • Fixed tab index for My Tokens link under enable condition
  • Fixed required validation for country, region, US state and dropdown
  • Fixed load state and clear state actions to accept a location parameter
  • Fixed binding values of country and region fields
  • Fixed binding issues for region field
  • Fixed upload file information no longer returned
  • Fixed customisation of token using {0} not working in all cases
  • And dozens more

Join Us For A Free Webinar | Wednesday, February 18, at 10:00 AM EST

During the webinar we will overview new capabilities and major improvements brought by this release. 

Register Now

Please keep in mind that there will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. The recording will be available within a few days after the webinar for those of you that will participate. 

A DNN Developers Webform Toolbox

On the surface, Action Form is a great tool for creating forms for your DNN portal. And with our add-ons it is an extremely powerful tool for accomplishing all kinds of tasks. Beneath the skin, and in the right hands, Action Form is form creation framework with unparalleled possibilities.

We know that building forms is boring. Nobody says “I wish I made more forms” on their death bed. That’s where Action Form comes in and saves the day. Spend your time with family, friends and fun stuff, not with forms. :)

Give Action Form 3.6 A Try!

Licensing Changes. DNNizens Require Different Things At Different Times

Nothing stays the same forever. All of the preceding questions must be asked at each stage, and the answers, and strategies that go along with them, may change many times. Action Form of two years ago is dramatically different from the Action Form of today. I’m not just talking about the module, although that is definitely true, but also about it’s methodology.

If we hadn’t adapted our processes and model from two years ago, there is no way Action Form would be what it is today. It probably wouldn’t exist at all. Heck, it’s still growing and changing. The things we did at the beginning allow us to be doing what we are now.

Once with Action Form 3.6 we changed our licensing model slightly. It wasn’t a drastic change, but it was necessary to continue growing and adapting our business. Basically we’ve removed the Standard license and the Server one (that worked per IP address).

The Standard license that worked for one domain only was replaced by the old Extended Standard license, so that now it will work for unlimited subdomains of a given domain. The good news for you is that the price decreased from $149.95 to $99.95!

We've also introduced a new licensing option. The Host License works for all portals within 1 DNN installation. The portals are running off same DNN database and/or file system.

More flexible options for renewing the updates and support subscription are also available.

Need help choosing with your license. Just email us at support@dnnsharp.com

Need Help? Use Our Support Forum

Support requests rushed ferociously. As you know, we take support very seriously, and, because of the sheer volume of requests we might receive, we have had to implement a more strict support request process. This is to make sure that we provide the best support possible while also being able to push ahead the development of our products.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we really want you to use our forums when requesting support from us. It’s not because we hate email, we just hate email for support. That might seem strange to you because it works really well on your end. Let me explain some of the reasons it doesn’t work so well for us. 

Well, email is for individuals but we’re a team. DNN Sharp consists of a team of 13 DNN Jedis and we share the load of support requests and development. If you send an email, that removes the other talented Jedis from the conversation. Now we have to forward and CC the other team members which makes a simple email exchange a hot mess. That’s why the forum is the foundation of our support process and a recommendation for getting the best support possible.

We remember what it’s like to need help with a product or service. Because of this, we like to reply as quickly as possible, and in most cases, requests are responded to within a few hours.

We really appreciate our customers, and nothing makes us feel as helpless as someone having an issue that we can’t respond to quickly. Being attentive to our community is the lifeblood of our business, after all. Have more burning questions? Don’t forget to check out Action Form documentation site and get ready to get enlightened on all things form-building and more! 

Thanks Guys

We would like to give a big shout out to our friends Jerry Mattox, Dieter Vieren, Hans Lenting, Nathan Botts, Richard Sletcher, Aaron Lopez for going the extra mile to help us make Action Form better. Guys, thank you! 

We are deeply humbled by the feedback and support we got from you. We are so grateful for trust you put in us.  With your love and support, Action Form  is now the widely used/preferred module when it comes to managing forms on DNN.  We won't let you down!

Find Us On Social Networks

We are everywhere, on all social media channels! We use these channels to notify you guys of new releases, news announcements and amazing promotions! 

You can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook . We look forward to meeting you there! Feel free to post a comment or a tweet as well. 


And there you have them, form fans. With the new nifty features, improvements and fixes in your form-building toolbox, your potential to build awesome things with Action Form is that much greater. 

Thanks for reading and as always, please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions below. Form on, friends! 

Enjoy the update and let us know if you need anything! More to come. 

Author: Ionut Grecu
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