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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Increase Conversion Rates on a DNN Portal Using Referrer and Geolocation Segmentation


Our Partner is a leading manufacturer of bridal and related jewelry serving fine jewelers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Their business focus is to provide products that achieve broad base consumer appeal, complemented by point of sale display programs and fast delivery options.

The Challenge

The existing DNN portal of our partner was well past its ‘use by date’. It no longer met the partner’s changing requirements in terms of auto-segmentation of leads and marketing messages personalization for creating a natural process of conversation with its visitors. Despite being online for more than six years, Our Partner DNN portal was suffering from a number of fairly common problems:

  • it was not able to dynamically segment visitors and send them to a specific page or file
  • it had problems in targeting a proper audience for company’s promotions in different countries
  • it was not able to manage company’s partnerships based on referrals

The Solution

 Our Partner purchased Redirect Toolkit module which allowed him to create complete custom conditions to control who sees the page, post or URL that he wants. He used Redirect Toolkit to create the following type of redirect rules:

  • Referrer Rules: Sends his leads to any page, URL and file he wants them to see based on where they came from by creating a rule that matches against the the domain name. Additional, our partner chose to save the referrer solving the problem with referrer being lost after users navigate on another page.
  • IP Geo Location Rules: Sends his leads to specific promotions pages based on visitors geographical information: Country Name, Country Code, Region Name (state for USA), Region Code (state Code for USA), City Name, etc.

The Result

By providing our partner’s visitors only with the relevant content to their given situation and standout from the crowd in their mind, by talking directly to them with the right message, the conversions increased and the buying process for leads was accelerated. With Redirect Toolkit it’s like having their own virtual sales man giving their leads a personal presentation that’s design just for them.

We decided to chose the solution provided by DNN Sharp following extensive research involving the evaluation of many solutions from a number of different DotNetNuke modules developers. The module selected has some truly impressive features and with module being competitively priced, the decision was made very easy for us.

Mario S.

Senior Web Developer


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Author: Ionut Grecu
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