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Monday, September 16, 2013

Indexing Web Pages and Documents on a DNN Portal with Search Boost

We got to admit this… When our Customers share with us their success stories after using our modules, it feels so great to read and we feel very PROUD because these success stories always motivate us for creating more amazing products.

So today, we’re sharing with you a success story of our friend Steve Roth who achieved an amazing result after using our Search Boost module.

Steve runs a five year old consulting business specializing in building DNN websites for medium to large organizations, called Little Monkeys. His company has extensive expertise in building social communities and e-commerce sites. His latest project is:  http://www.schooldude.com, where he used Search Boost and My Tokens.

We’ve asked him few questions regarding his  experience with Search Boost and what he has to say to other fellow Search Boost users about it. So here it goes…

How do you use Search Boost (for website, internal portal)?

We use Search Boost for an external website. The site have heavy traffic, about 5000 users per day.
What kind of documents are you indexing for search (web pages, pdf, doc, ppt, txt)?

We index everything!  All web pages and about 700 documents that include all Office documents: Word, Excel and .ppt.  We also index .pdf.
What was the problem/issues you had with DNN search in the first place, that prompted you to look for a better solution?

This is a great question.  One of the reasons we purchased DNN Professional Edition was for the search. As it turns out that search module was purchased by DNN from a 3rd party.  Simply said, for indexing of documents, it doesn’t work.  DNN Community Edition doesn’t index files at all.  Regardless of the version DNN search is inadequate for any portal that needs a powerful search engine.  People have come to expect “Google” like search capability.  Both DNN search modules are not even close.
Could you describe shortly how Search Boost helped you to solve this search related problem?

Search Boost does a great job of indexing both web pages and documents flawlessly.
Which features do you appreciate as most helpful and useful in helping you overcome the specific issues you had?

All features are used.  One extremely useful feature was that  we have set up file directories with three levels of permission: public, client only and client only premium.  Using DNN role security we can limit access to these directories.  The filter capability and ability to respect security that Search Boost uses, allows us to index content, but restrict access to the file.
For an example, go to http://www.devsd.com  Type Premium in the search.  You should see filtered content.  Click on premium and try to access the file.  It requires authentication to access.  Once authenticated, if you don’t have the proper role the document won’t upload.
Another great feature is the ability to custom tag files.  We use this extensively as you can see when you search on www.devsd.com.


You’ve seen the proof. You’ve seen the possibilities. You’re now recognizing the “hidden” power of Search Boost, how it works for others, and how it can work for you as well.

If you want to take your DNN portal to the next level, if you want to maximize your visitors satisfaction, then can you afford to live without Search Boost? The answer is no.  

And we think DNN searching will definitely never be the same again for you! Join with our hundreds of Search Boost users and enjoy an all new DNN search experience to help you find all you need to get work done and faster like never before.

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Author: Ionut Grecu
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