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Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's Celebrate Your Successes and Amazing Work

While there are tons of awesome “built with DNN Sharp's products” projects out there, we didn't have a formal “showcase” in the wild.

We’re always fascinated by businesses & websites that are being built within our community. Here at DNN Sharp, it’s our core vision & passion to help you build better websites, apps, businesses and in that way, hopefully help you to make more money.

For us to help you with that, we need to be constantly learning about your workflow (with our products), where you’re using our products and how our products work within your businesses. 

To this extent, we’ve created a Showcase, where we can learn from our community and also celebrate your successes & amazing work. Stop! Don’t even say it, we already know we should do it earlier ;)

DNN Sharp Showcase

There has always been constant stream of awesome project being posted in our forums. It was pretty clear we can do a better job of helping you guys show off.

We’d love to have some other projects to consider for addition. So in this post we’re kindly asking you to submit your entry to our Showcase!

Why Should You Submit Your Project?  

There will be several advantages to being listed, among them:

  • Recognition – The showcase projects will be acknowledged as some of the best websites and apps out there

  • Links & Traffic – Each showcase item will link to your site, and have a description

  • Ready? If you would like to have your project included in the Showcase please provide some info here.

    Author: Ionut Grecu
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    Ionut Grecu

    Ionut GrecuIonut Grecu

    Ionut is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner steeped in the art of the dreaded Agile Coaching. He enjoys shawarma and finding people who have never heard of Agile Methodologies so he can turn them into agilists.

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    His work exists at the intersection of Agile thinking, anthropology, psychology, and Online Marketing. Weird, right? He doesn't just deal with coaching, he lives and breathes it.

    After all, he wakes up every morning eating hot trends and topics for breakfast. He’s able to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to topics like Coaching, Agile Methodologies, Process Optimization, Agile Project Management, Product Development, Six Sigma Quality Management, Lean Thinking, Business Process Management, Kaizen, Facilitation of Change, Lean Software Development, Kanban.

    DNN Sharp is his oyster and on a day to day basis, his role is to keep DNN Sharp's teams engine firing on all cylinders.



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