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News on DNN sharp's integrations!

As you may already know, we rely on your support to maintain the quality of our products and to please you with awesome support. We always pay attention to your feedback and we're thankful that some clients spend their time to help us improve the service and support that we delivered. Listening to you we have thickened our releases willing to stabilize our products more.

How we ended up creating add-ons?

One other important thing often brought to our attention would be our add-ons. We started to provide integrations with other products a long time ago. At first we considered that once the development work was established it wouldn't be much work to maintain them, but now we've reached the point where we have to get much more involved in keeping them up-to-date with later DNN technologies and with the evolution of the products that add-ons are integrated with. Another point of view is that the add-ons gained popularity in the last year and our work and assistance in using them increased a lot. Which enchants us, but it's getting harder to keep up the good work with the same resources.

Wrapping It Up

This being said, we give up the old policy to offer support and updates as long as the updates and support subscription for the module you use the Add-on with (Action Form, Action Grid, DNN API Endpoint, Sharp Scheduler) is also active. The new policy is that every license purchased with the add-ons comes with 3 months of subscription for free updates and support. Considering the fact that the functionality of the add-ons is strongly tied with the modules that they are utilized with, you should also have an active subscription for the corresponding module to receive proper support. This policy is meant to sustain the support that we offer and to increase the quality of the integrations we have.

Further efforts will be made to make the add-ons able to be unlocked in trial version,  I think many of you are waiting for this!

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