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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Release v.7 has shipped!

Release Notes for App Builder 1.7 and DNN Sharp 5.7.x modules

Release Notes

Noteworthy Changes in v1.7

  • Several fixes and small enhancements from the Support Center
  • Hundreds of new icons via Font Awesome 5.14
  • DNN 9.6.1 as default on hosted Plant an App installs

Known Breaking Changes

Some Font Awesome 4 Fonts are deprecated

After upgrading module(s) that support Font Awesome icons to version 05.07.00 (and above), you may notice that some of your fonts are no longer displayed.
This is easily corrected by editing the module and re-specifying an icon. In many cases, the same font is still available but has a slightly different name, but in some cases, the font has been deprecated by Font Awesome. Please don't fret, with over 1500 fonts to choose from in Font Awesome 5; we're confident your app, form, tab, a button will shine brighter than ever.
To explore the complete listing of available fonts (including over 50 that are designed specifically for COVID-19 awareness), check out the latest Font Awesome 5 changelog

Bug Fixes


  • [Credential Store] Fixed an issue that prevented the display of the popup which listed saved credentials for selection from opening

Action Form

  • Fixed an issue in Display Message action where bound buttons in that action were not firing after being clicked
  • Fixed an issue that caused some pages that contained the search boost module on them not to pull up due to deleted modules not being removed from the index
  • Fixed an issue injecting content into a DNN Text Editor field
  • Show Condition' statements were not working on buttons inside button groups when in manual layout mode
  • Fixed an issue where converting an existing to a hidden field was keeping the validation settings of the previous field type
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Grant and Revoke Role actions from being specified with Expressions
  • Fixed an issue where 'Allow Zero' and 'Allow Empty' settings of Currency fields were not being honored
  • Corrected an issue on 'Dropdown with Autocomplete' fields type was clearing its value when pressing the ESC button from the keyboard or clicking outside the field
  • Restored compatibility for the Legacy Date/Time Picker to properly display default values on initialization ([DateTime:Now], SQL, etc.)
  • Removed '0 Results' message after a Run SQL action (that returned no records) which prevented subsequent actions from executing

Action Grid

  • Fixed issue on Grid Buttons where returning false on Javascript was NOT preventing the execution of actions

API Endpoint

  • Fixed an issue saving API methods that have large amounts of actions

App Builder Entities

  • No longer allow changing entity property types to prevent data type mismatches for existing fields
  • Fixed an issue where records could not be updated on forms that had been customized after overriding the permissions of the Entity

App Builder Roles

  • Cleaned up minor Javascript issues on Roles management page which prevented sorting by Role Names in Chrome


  • Fixed an issue where file type icons (PDF, Doc, etc.) were no longer displayed on search results even though the setting was enabled


  • [EasyDNNnews] After installing EDN Gallery 10.5.0+, the article photo was no longer adding through the Create/Update Article actions



  • Updated AngularJS version to 1.5 for improved security in end-user facing modules and run a cleanup script that removes older versions during the upgrade


  • Added support for preserving the field layout when importing large amounts of fields (>12)

App Builder

  • Unified several AppBuilder screens which have tabular listings to have a consistent look, feel and feature set (search, sort, etc.)
  • All Plant an App hosted instances now ship with DNN 9.6.1 by default


  • Updated the formatting of the Date/Time fields of system generated Detail pages to match that of the system generated Forms and Listings
  • Updated to Font Awesome to version 5.14 with support for Font-Awesome 4 when still possible (Font Awesome deprecated some icons)

Next Release

  • One-click upgrade when there's a new release
  • More control over Pages in the menu
  • KPI Dashboard (MVP)
Author: Reza Garrow
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