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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tabs Pro 2.0 Has Just Arrived!

Tabs Pro

It was in the air for some time and a leaked info on Facebook and Twitter also appears, which clearly proves that something happening under the hood. Guys, Tabs Pro 2.0 is out and it comes with new features and looks amazing!

But Tabs Pro 2.0 is not just a fresh coat of paint. We’ve made the core experiences at the heart of Tabs Pro better.

The whole admin UI was redesigned, so if you’re a big fan of Twitter Bootstrap, you’ll appreciate the overall cleaner look that Bootstrap Admin brings to the Tabs Pro dashboard.

For those of you who didn't play with live hands with it, Tabs Pro is a DNN module for advanced visual tabbed organization and display of information in DNN pages.

Out of the box, Tabs Pro blends into your existing configuration, integrates other modules and fits within your information architecture, offering you total control over the type of information that can be presented into a tab, granular setup on look & feel and easy administration & module management.

In this post I’ll summarize what you will get with the new version. If you are not sure to change to this version, just read this article and you will amazed.

Down The Rabit Hole…

We always like to bring the cutting edge technology to our customers. That's why, based on the feedback and funding received especially from our friend Richard we've completely rewritten Tabs Pro to be based on Boostrap 3 and AngularJS instead of jQuery UI. Don't panic! jQuery UI is still supported and you won't lose your settings once with the upgrade.

  • Tabs Pro Settings

    Let’s cut to the chase and take a look closer at what's changed in Tabs Pro 2.0. You are going to love it!

    • Rewritten administration console to resemble the rest of our top rated modules
    • Ensured compatibility with Action Form and Action Grid modules
    • Added option to choose either the Tabs fallback to Accordion on mobile devices
    • Added Widget Provider Setting with option to choose between Boostrap and jQuery UI
    • Updated to be fully Azure compatible
    • Updated Font Awesome library to version 4.1
    • Added Advanced Settings section, available only for Administrators
    • Fixed collapsible and height for accordions 
    • ...And More
  • Want a walk-through of the new features shipped with Tabs Pro 2.0? Check out the video below!

    Get Your Content Tabbed Up

    As you know, tabbed sections on a website can be very convenient. They allow you to break up a lot of information and put it into one small space. Readers are less overwhelmed that way and therefore more likely to hang around and check out what you have to offer. That's why showing content in tab format is beneficial in so many terms. 

    ... And the easiest way to get tabbed content in DNN is by using Tabs Pro. Many of Tabs Pro users are learning just how flexible and powerful this DNN module truly is. Here’s what they said:  

    Awesome, awesome product. One of the best vendors I've ever worked with too. He added a feature to the module within one day after I asked about it and even took the time to identify a problem I was having that turned out to be my own mistake. Justin E.
    Great Module. Excellent support. I had a couple of support requests and got good answers quickly. I'm running it on DNN 6 & 7 with no problems. Like the ability to develop my own themes/styles. Tim P.
    Great product and excellent customer service!! When I contacted support with a problem, they responded very quickly and did not rest until the problem was 100% resolved. I will definitely continue to do business with this company and use this product.  Patrick W.
    So what are you waiting for? Get Tabs Pro today and change the way how your content looks! Remember that small changes may make big difference.

    How to use Tabs Pro 2.0?

    As you’ll notice we have limited documentation on the new version of Tabs Pro.  Why? We committed to releasing Tabs Pro 2.0 this week and we wanted to keep that promise. That left us on a time crunch to create documentation, but rest assured we’re working on creating that around the clock.

    And we hope to have much more live by the end of the week. So keep your eyes peeled! Additionally, if you’re looking for “specific” tutorials on how to use Tabs Pro 2.0, just let us what you’d like to learn how to do here. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team by popping into our support  forums.

    Am I Eligible For Upgrade?

    You'll be eligible for this upgrade:

    • if you purchase a Tabs Pro license in last 3 months or

    • if you have an active subscription

     If you're not in these two cases, don't worry! You'll receive a 50% discount to upgrade to Tabs Pro 2.0. Just email us at support@dnnsharp.com and we'll take care of the rest.

    What's Next?

    So, we've built something awesome with your help guys... But we still have some cool features in mind from previous version to be implemented: 

    • Stack Direction
    • Image Header browse option including hover and active options
    • Display tabs in dialog
    • Open on Hover action

    Well guys, this development is only possible with the assistance and funds from you, the members of our community. Without feedback and funds from supporters such as yourself, Tabs Pro wouldn't be where it is now... Whew, we covered a lot of ground in this one!


    Thanks again to our friend Richard whose request inspired this major release, who provided funding and valuable feedback and suggestions.

    We hope you guys all enjoy this update, and are happy with the additions. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! More to come. Our developments still hasn't stopped, soon we will drop some cool features. It's worth to visit back. ;)

    Author: Ionut Grecu
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