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DNN Sharp Collection Has A Big Brother. Web Sharp 2.0 Released!

Essential DNN Modules For Building Websites

Here we are again - it's release time! So what's been happening?

We’ve just released Web Sharp 2.0!

Web Sharp is our bundle of modules, the little brother of DNN Sharp Collection, that can help you to enhance DNN site search, easily create forms, grids and menus and tabs, improve SEO, schedule tasks, setup workflows and segmentation, automate content and a lot more for your DNN portal.
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DNN Sharp - Five Years Old! Let’s Celebrate! Get Up To 50% Discount!

Guys, join us as we celebrate our birthday! Things sure seem to be moving fast over here at DNN Sharp. As you should all know, in the past few weeks we’ve been busy with some cool  releases.  

We pushed out the long awaited and much needed  DNN Sharp Enterprise Collection, URL Adapter 1.3, Action Form 3.3 with some great add-ons and Sharp Scheduler 1.1. And the response from all of you has been amazing.  We’re no. 1 seller on DNN marketplace. Thanks!!! 
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Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays From The DNN Sharp Team!

What an amazing feeling! The sleigh bells aren't ringing yet, but the holidays are almost here... Well, it's getting to be that time again: end of the year, holiday parties, tying up loose ends for 2013, maybe taking a few much-needed days off, getting a jump start on the new year (I can't believe it's almost 2014!), that sort of thing.  As 2013 is almost over, we are looking back on many great experiences. We are very happy with everything we could achieve... And you know what? ...
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Thanksgiving Special Offer - 40% OFF

This is the season to be Thankful! Thanksgiving is a day when we give thanks for all the good things we have in our life. It is a time to show our gratitude and respect to all the people who were kind to us. Come to think of it, there are a lot of such people around us!

Some of them supported us in a really difficult situation. Some of them simply cheered us up when we were out of mood. Anyway all those people helped us to become a little bit better and happier. 
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Goodbye Tabs Pro 1.7, Welcome Tabs Pro 1.8

Oh well, it’s the first week of September which, for most of us, means the end of our summer breaks — the professional’s equivalent of “going back to school.”

These past few months have historically been a time for vacations, rest and relaxation with your loved ones. We know this because the “out of office” auto-reply emails come in waves during the summer months. 
Author: Ionut Grecu
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