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URL Adapter 1.4 Is Out! Your URL Rewriting Mission Control Center Is Here!

We’ve been relatively quiet here for a while, and it’s because we’ve been digging in and doing a lot of fun stuff to make you happier than ever. Our team is really starting to gel and find our groove, which means some truly excellent things are on their way.

I’ll start off right at the beginning by letting you to know that in the midst of a simmering summer, we’ve worked to a new cool release. Guys, URL Adapter 1.4 is out!
Author: Anonym
Article rating: 5.0

URL Adapter 1.3 is Out - From Now On URL Rewriting in DNN Won't Be Rocket Science

Many people ask “Is DNN good for SEO or not?” and my final answer is: “Yes it is!”. DNN is the ideal software with which you can build any website: business, corporate, education, government, portals etc.

At the same time it is one of the easiest content management systems to set up, for many reasons, and good for the purpose of better rankings in search engines too. Who else wants their DNN portal to rank higher in search engines? A silly question, I know. Everyone does.
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

How to Redirect Static HTML Pages to a DNN portal

Have you ever been into a situation where you had built static HTML  pages and later you wanted to migrate them to a DNN portal? Well, if you are wondering if there’s a way that the old static HTML pages to be redirected to new DNN pages so they will not lose their rankings in the search engines, then you’ve come to the right place. You don't have to worry about it anymore...URL Adapter solves this challenge. In the next few minute, you're going to find out the quickest and the ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

How to get back access after being locked out of your DNN portal

We realized that we haven’t given you guys much guidance on how to get back access after being locked out by URL Adapter. We’ve accidientally kept all the secrets to ourselves. So we put together a URL Adapter Survival Guide to share our ancient wisdom and the secret to URL rewriting success. It’s a common story... Configuring rewriting and redirects is a tricky job. There are some settings that can lock yourself out of your DNN portal. You created an infinite loop or an advanced ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

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