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Tabs Pro 2.0 Has Just Arrived!

Guys,Tabs Pro 2.0 is out and it comes with new features and looks amazing! Tabs Pro 2.0 is not just a fresh coat of paint. We’ve made the core experiences at the heart of Tabs Pro better.

The whole admin UI was redesigned, so if you’re a big fan of Twitter Bootstrap, you’ll appreciate the overall cleaner look that Bootstrap Admin brings to the Tabs Pro dashboard.

In this post I’ll summarize what you will get with the new version. If you are not sure to change to this version, just read this article and you will amazed. 
Author: Anonym
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How To Customize The Appearance Of Tabs Pro

Tabs Pro takes advantage of jQuery UI theming mechanism that allows selecting from any of the pre-built themes. In the same time, you can roll your own themes using the ThemeRoller application and you can also manually modify CSS Styles for existing themes. Notice that Tabs Pro implements 3 methods for loading themes: Load from Local Server Load from Google CDN Load from URL Need to customize the appearance of  Tabs Pro?  Find out how to use one of the predefined themes that ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
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What is Tab Persistence all about?

Often, interacting with a Tabs Module means more than hiding a tab and showing another in terms of making a smooth user experience. You will want control over how the system remembers the last open tab so the Tabs Module doesn't become that annoying module you can't drop yet. That is what Tab Persistence all about. So, Tab Persistence refers to the ability to save last opened tab between page visits. Our Tabs Pro module comes with 3 persistence options: Persist on Postback, Persist ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
Article rating: 5.0

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