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Tabs Pro 2.1 Has Arrived

Tabs Pro 2.1 Has Arrived

Our development team is in the zone, reaching milestones on a weekly basis. February is going to be an exciting month for us.

We have so many amazing things planned, and we are happy to kick things off with the release of Tabs Pro 2.1.

Over the last weeks we’ve given Tabs Pro some love and today we’re happy to release a new version.

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Action Grid 3.0 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Action Grid’s History

Finally, this morning, we held our breaths as Action Grid 3.0 was launched for all the world to see. And so here we are!

Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Action Grid’s history, a giant leap forward for one of the most popular DNN modules. Never has an Action Grid update been more expansive than 3.0.

Thanks to stellar work by our team, the generous funding from our friends Wes and Stephen (and to our courageous volunteers who signed up to be our guinea pigs), we’ve worked through the challenges and issues, and now, finally(!) we’re done!

This update includes dozens of overall enhancements that we know you’ll love, and what you’ll find below is just a taste of what Action Grid 3.0 has to offer.
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Fear Not, Form Fans! Action Form 3.6 Is Live

January flew by very quickly and I can’t believe its time for another release. I hope that you have recovered from the December festivities and that you are all back running your DNN portals with plenty of new ideas.

Grand news for all the Action Form users out there! It took us slightly longer than anticipated but Action Form 3.6 is now available!

Action Form 3.6 brings about an array of cool features, some major improvements all round to the speed and performance and dozens fixes.

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