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The App Builder, Officially Available on the DNN Store

Announcing the launching of the App Builder on the DNN Store

We’re excited to share with you one of our greatest achievements so far: The App Builder has been officially released to DNN Store! Per clients' declaration, this is a big step for them as the App Builder is the equivalent of a single playground for all their projects!

  1. What is the App Builder and why should you upgrade?

Briefly: the only platform you’ll need to build your next DNN project!

Get access to delivering your projects faster, no compromises thanks to:

  • Exclusive features

  • An Entity Builder to define in a visual way the data models in your application

  • GitHub integration to audit and track the changes (who, when and what was changed)

  • A Workflow Builder to build lists of actions using visual business processes and flow charts

  • Built-in cloud Capabilities to leverage cloud services to increase performance, security and scalability

  • Link your existing users directly to the app or share users in-between applications with the Single Sign-On

  • Upgrade the way you interact with users using the power of Email Marketing Automation

  •  All DNN Sharp Modules and add-ons

Like App Sharp, you get access to all the DNN Sharp Modules ever created, the new part being that they are all connected and easily upgradable, with just one click (with one button you can make the app builder upgrade everything for you). No need to fall behind with upgrades anymore!

  1. What does the App Builder do for your business?

  • It eliminates the need to integrate the modules with your system. All the components are seamlessly linked one to each other accelerating the speed of execution. 

  • It’s a long-term investment: using the App Builder you’ll get exclusive access to all the new features (such as dashboard module). 

  1. What plan suits you?

The new App builder comes with 2 pricing models. 

  • Per developer seat  - allows unlimited usage for on-premise instances.

  • Per App -  that can be cloud-hosted on AWS or on-premise (self-hosted). An App is identified by a unique domain name.

They are not mutually exclusive. Depending on your specific business needs, in some cases a very good strategy would be to combine them the two. 

4. How to choose between the two pricing models?

Per Developer Seat (starting at $200 per developer/ month) 

Full list here


Choose this model when:

  • You plan to build more than one system

  • Only registered developers need to access support services

  • No need for managed AWS cloud hosting

  • If you build systems for your customers, they are comfortable with not owning their own license.

  • Not interested in generating recurring commissions from reselling App Builder

Per App  (starting at $2000 per app/ year) 

Full list here!


Choose this model when:

  • You are building a single app with more than one developer.

  • Your customers need to own their own license.

  • Your customers need direct support from DNN Sharp.

  • You need a mature managed AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • You wish to engage into a reseller agreement and earn recurring commissions.

5. Useful links to learn more about the App Builder:

  • DNN store page: here you can find all the details about the App Builder and a more complex presentation of the price plans. 

  • App Builder Page, our website page dedicated to the App Builder itself where you can learn about it, go through FAQs for any questions you might have; 

  • ‘’The Low-Code Cafe’’ webinars, a team & community event where we discuss about products updates and a specific topic from low-code industry; 

For each edition, there is a dedicated section where Reza Garrow talks about new releases for the App Builder, too, for eg in this episode starting with min. 22. 

*Register here to join our upcoming webinar, too!

Since we've been together for this ride for such a long time, we would really appreciate your feedback on this. Feel free to contact us (sales@dnnsharp.com) if you have any other questions!

On our side, we’re also curious to learn more about your business needs, where you’re at with it and how the App Builder can help you achieve those goals! So let’s have the first conversation on that!


P.S:  The App Builder is commercially available through the Plant an App brand owned by Plant an App, Inc., a Delaware C-Corp. Both DNN Sharp and Plant an App have the same ownership and share the same team.


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