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Top product : Action Grid 4.0 release!

For the past months, our team of outstanding professionals has been focused on developing and implementing some great new features based on client feedback and best practices. 

And the result is quite impressive: Action Grid 4.0 has just been released, containing a list of brand new features and improvements!

There are many new features and enhancements that will make this module an even more complex yet user-friendly tool that you will enjoy using. So let's take a sneak peek at some of them to help you get a better picture of what we have prepared for you.

Stacked With New Features

Action Grid 4.0 has so many new features, improvements and bug fixes in this version it's hard to choose what to present first.

So here's just a small part of them, but you can view a more detailed list by checking out our product's changelog. Or, better yet, download Action Grid 4.0 and test it out!

  • Implemented Grid's Initializers autoconfiguration option using  -from Database Table- option
  • Implemented Tooltips for Row or Grid Fields
  • Extended the Link to functionality of multiple choice fields to work with SQL and stored procedures
  • Extended the Link to functionality of multiple choice fields to work with multiple fields
  • Updated the SqlQueryDataSource to use other SQL provideders via connection string
  • Implemented the ability to control displayed text when there is no data in the grid and allow HTML for it
  • Implemented the possibility to use custom icons for all buttons
  • Changed the classic pagination to only show a handful of page links and a mechanism to jump at any page
  • Implemented the ability for CSV Field separator to allow EXPR
  • Implemented the ability to name the file in CSV action
  • Implemented the ability to eliminate the row field names from the result in CSV action
  • Implemented the Grid and Cell Conditions for Grid fields
  • Included the Execute Token action in all action-based modules
  • Implemented a friendly message for data sources
  • Implemented the sorting and filtering in Listing Template
  • Migrated all Import/Export to backward compatible code
  • Implemented a solution when column headers remain displayed when Grid template is set to listing option
  • Implemented responsiveness when the template is set to Grid layout and contains a form element
  • Implemented a solution when Grid button actions not correctly mapped on upgrade
  • Implemented the "select all rows" option on Grid buttons
  • Implemented the ability to not trigger selection when clicking on links and input fields from inside a row
  • Implemented the ability for Email Password Reminder template to display the name of the logged in user
  • Implemented the possibility to add portal ID on Load User similar to AF
  • Implemented the ability to attach custom JavaScript code to item and grid buttons
  • Disabled selection of rows if there are no Grid buttons
  • Implemented the ability to specify root CSS classes for the Grid under General Settings
  • Implemented a solution when Redirect to Portal Page loses hash from query string
  • Implemented a solution when expand page option should be hidden when the page is opened in full screen
  • Implemented the possibility to eliminate the first row with the field names from the CSV file
  • Implemented the possibility to activate filters on page loading
  • Added an option to change the display of true/false field
  • Added a warning message when input text has more chars than column length in database
  • Added an option to specify a different template for mobile devices (<768px)
  • Added an option to allow users to switch between templates
  • Moved the CSS and JS to the client side
  • Implemented the Carousel Template

Update your module or if you aren’t using it yet and want to give it a try, download it now.

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Wrapping It Up

Hope you will be just as excited and pleased with our newest version as we are! And the Oscar goes to... our amazing DNN Sharp team that focused all their efforts to bring you all the great new features in Action Grid 4.0!

A big THANK YOU goes to our loyal customers for their support, feedback, and suggestions that help us improve our products continuously.

So, give a try to one of the most powerful and easy-to-use grid builders in DNN!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions, as our lovely support team is always happy to help.

And most importantly, let us know your feedback - we are always eager to find out our clients' opinions and continue developing great products based on your suggestions!

And then, do let us know your thoughts and feedback, we would love to hear your opinion and suggestions! 
Author: Iulia Carp
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