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Monday, July 1, 2013

URL Adapter 1.1 Released

Today we're proud to announce a new milestone for URL Adapter, our URL builder and URL rewriting engine for DNN. We’ve been busy ramping up new features as well as revisiting some older favorites (we’re getting rave reviews for last release) so we’re thrilled to announce the release of URL Adapter 1.1.

A direct response to your requests, we’re happy to be able to help you find an easy path to SEO and SEF URLs. So, first of all, we offer you our heartfelt gratitude for having given such an overwhelming response to our previous version  and like we had assured you of coming up with frequent updates, we are back with a bang. Besides a few bug fixes, this version comes with awesome features such as:

  • ability to use DisplayName for user URL
  • disabled custom URLs (will permanently redirect to primary URL) and deleted URLs (will send 410 http message)
  • option to physically delete custom URLs, completely replaced DNN URL rewriter
  • ability to enforce terms, privacy, login, register and logoff pages so there's only one friendly version of it called for example "/terms" and not "/home?ctl=terms"
URL Adapter Special Pages

  • ability to define Custom URLs that redirect to absolute URLs (for example, to other sites)
Custom URL Rewrite

OMG...I'm overwhelmed!
Calm down, there's just the beginning. How would you feel to have advanced rewrite and redirection rules? Relieved right? Well then, you’re going to love this…

We’re very glad to inform you that we’ve implemented advanced rewrite and redirection rules that look at all requests. For advanced rules, just specify which part of the URL to match (domain, relative url, query string, etc).
URL Adapter Advanced Rules

We think you’ll be also excited about the export/import advanced rule through CSV, the logging of HTTP errors (such as 404 not found or 500 internal server error) and the SafeWord option to disable URL rewritting and redirections for 5 minutes.


Sounds Exaggerating?

Don’t take our word for it. Just download the trial and see for yourself.

Summarizing the aboves, the new version of URL Adapter is a never-before-seen module, what is vivid as your imagination. After many hours of developing we feel that we have created something powerful what can make you satisfied and bring the future of the web to your portal.

As usual, we’re constantly refining this project and adding new features all the time. So, check it out and let us know what you’d like to see included in a future release of  URL Adapter.

P.S.: Many thanks to our friends Richard, Trent and Steve for helping to make this happen!
Author: Ionut Grecu
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