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Thursday, November 7, 2013

URL Adapter 1.3 is Out - From Now On URL Rewriting in DNN Won't Be Rocket Science

Many people ask “Is DNN good for SEO or not?” and my final answer is: “Yes it is!”. DNN is the ideal software with which you can build any website: business, corporate, education, government, portals etc.

At the same time it is one of the easiest content management systems to set up, for many reasons, and good for the purpose of better rankings in search engines too. Who else wants their DNN portal to rank higher in search engines? A silly question, I know. Everyone does.

 And that’s why we’ve released URL Adapter 1.3 for Everybody. With URL Adapter 1.3 you’ll discover ethical, legitimate ways to get your DNN portal ranking higher in the search engines. Let’s dive in and see…

What’s New in URL Adapter 1.3

  • Implemented ability to reset settings via API
  • Implemented ability to enabled and disable URL Adapter
  • Upgraded admin to Bootstrap 3
  • Added custom HTTP Headers to the response that reflect which rule produced the current URL
  • Added option to choose either to generate relative or absolute URLs
  • Skip HTTP Handlers from rewriting
  • Upgraded admin UI
  • Added [TabId] the list of possible tokenizations for the URLs
  • Handle disabled Host Cache
Getting high search engine rankings for your DNN portal takes work. A lot of work. While we all know the benefits of SEO, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to focus on both SEO and developing a quality product or business. What can you do? Simply choose the right tools.

Are existing DNN URL rewriters too complex for easy use?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to avoid using some DNN URL rewriters out there. Sometimes, building a simple friendly URL lapses into such elaborate technobabble that it's impossible for some without an advanced degree in programming to do it.

This makes people anxious, confused and quizzical. With URL Adapter URL rewriting in DNN isn’t rocket science. Yes, there are many variables at play, but with URL Adapter 1.3 URL rewriting in DNN is easy. About as easy as falling out of bed, wouldn’t you agree?

So, don’t follow the herd. URL Adapter 1.3 offers advanced features and simplicity.

Download URL Adapter
and evaluate it.

Now I’m not saying that your website will shoot up into Google’s top 3. If I did, that would be cheesy and I would be lying. Instead, I will say this: if you  choose URL Adapter 1.3, you can improve your search engine rankings. How do I know this? Because it worked for +500 of URL Adapter users. Here is what they said:

I have tried other URL module and this one is by far the best. This product has made my SEO life so much easier. It also allows the clients to create vanity URLs so easily that they do it all on their own. This is a great product for editing how the URLs display and easy 404 and 301 redirects. Would highly recommed as the bestURL rewriter.                                                                                                                                                     Jay W.

A tremendous simplification on the capabilities of URL Master module. I was very pleased to have completed so much work in far less time. The support is very responsive and thorough. I highly recommend URL Adapter. It is a must have for all my sites going forward.                                                                                             Peter L.

I had a critical SEO project. I needed a module to help me move my DNN portal from a sub directory to the root directory. I found URL Adapter and it worked great.                                                                          Dave G.

This module blows URL Master out of the water. It is extremely easy to use and provides functionality that URL Master does not even dream about. For instance you can set it up to remove noise from your URL. www.myco.com?someParam=123 becomes www.myco.com/123 . It also works no matter how many aliases you have on the site. With URL Master I had to pay for a new licence for each and every alias. With URL Adapter I get 1 licence that covers all aliases on the site and if you get the Enterprise licence you can use it on all your customer sites. If you are looking for a module that delivers and keeps delivering then this is the one to go for.                                                                                                                                                                                             Ryan S.

We’re excited about URL Adapter 1.3, and we hope you continue to appreciate the value that we strive to provide for all of you, our amazing customers. Without you, none of this is possible. 

But we’re not done yet!
 We have many more incredible features in the pipeline. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Your support ensures that can continue to make URL Adapter even better.
Author: Ionut Grecu
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