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20 Feb 2018

#28: Faster website in 3 easy steps

Page loading speed is important! As a customer, I hate webpages that keep loading and loading. Get on top of the situation and make your website faster. Here's how...

One thing we can all agree on: We love fast websites! 

That'a thing that will never change and people usually do all it's in their power in order to lose 1 millisecond from the loading time of their website.

What if we told you that you can easily gain seconds just by installing activating and enabling one of the DNN Sharp modules? And it also comes in a Free version

DNN Sharp proudly presents you Sharp CDN.

You only need to create your free Sharp CDN account for which you only need a valid email address and then use this account to speed up as many websites as you need to. You can use the product even on different DNN installs and it only needs to be installed and activated once per install regardless of how many Portals you have; they all use from the same page views pool whcih can easily be recharged either with a monthly subscription or with credits you can purchase in advance (prepaid).

We recommend you also check up the video in which you learn how to copy actions or make your Action Grid load 10 times faster

Do you feel that your website is running slow or want to see if it can perform even better? Put us to a test and accept this challenge: Get a faster website or win $1,000!

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