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Important Notes About Upgrading to DNN 9.6.1

Updated regularly so check back for the latest info

We are happy to announce our support for DNN 9.6.1 in our latest release of 2020. 
For a complete list of all the goodies checkout the 1.6 release notes.

For information about upgrading our modules and getting your instance up to DNN 9.6.1 read on...

Author: Reza Garrow
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My Tokens 2.6 Has Been Released, And It Ships With Some Great New Features

My Tokens 2.6 Has Been Released, And It Ships With Some Great New Features

One year down, people. Say buh-bye to 2015 and helloooo, 2016. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of something than with - wait for it - another much-anticipated release? That’s right.

We’ve been on fire for the last weeks with the release of a new version of My Tokens and today I’ve got some great news - we’ve completed the development and now My Tokens 2.6 is out.

Author: Anonym
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Why DNN Sharp Is #1 Vendor

That’s the official word. If you count down the current most popular vendors within the DNN Store, we are 1st.

Those are the facts, but the question is, how did we get there? Why are our products so popular? Are we better than all the other vendors? You probably wouldn’t be surprised by my answer. How about these answers? 

Author: Anonym
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My Tokens 2.5 Is Here

Almost one week to go until Christmas, however here at DNN Sharp we didn’t got into the festive spirit yet because we’ve been working on bringing you awesome-ness this month. Your wishes have finally come true! 

After much work, we’re proud to announce the much-anticipated update to My Tokens with a lot of killer new features and streamlined abilities. My Tokens 2.5 just arrived!

Author: Anonym
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Building Enterprise Solutions with DNN Sharp

Part 1 - Introduction and Background

This series of articles discusses one case study of how one group of developers uses the DNN Sharp modules to build an enterprise solution in DNN.
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