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Friday, July 24, 2020

Release v.6 has shipped!

Release Notes for 5.6.x of DNN Sharp Modules and App Builder 1.6

Full Release Notes

Noteworthy Changes in release v.6

  • DNN 9.6.1 compatibility for all DNN Sharp modules that are v5.6.x and for Plant an App 1.6.x
  • New MyTokens UI/UX in Plant an App
  • New 'Execute Actions Async' Action as an exclusive Plant an App feature

Important Note About Upgrading to DNN 9.6.1

While the modules in this release have been tested against prior versions of DNN, they are optimized for DNN 9.6.1. Prior to upgrading to DNN 9.6.1 please make sure you have backed up your instance and updated all DNN Sharp modules to their latest 5.6.x version or you may experience issues as DNN 9.6 has breaking changes that are not compatible with prior versions of our products.
For additional and ongoing information check out our, Upgrading to DNN 9.6.1 Blogpost.

Known Issues

API Endpoint

After upgrading a DNN Sharp module(s) that uses the 'Execute API Method' action to version 05.06.00 (and above), existing calls to that action will look like they have lost the value for the 'API Method' setting. The good news is that they have not been lost and your actions will still work fine.
The display value not showing can be corrected by editing the action and re-selecting the original API Method from the dropdown list.
We apologize for this inconvenience and give our assurance that this is a one-time upgrade issue. It is not DNN 9.6 related and will occur on older versions of DNN as well.
Note: This does not impact the 'Server Request' action.

New Features


  • New 'Execute Actions Async' Action which allows for long-running operations to not block the execution of subsequent actions by running Asynchronously in the background


  • Major UI/UX Refresh (Plant an App exclusive)


  • Ability to Export and Import one or more Actions between Workflows

KPI Dashboard Module

  • Early access POC which displays Entity activity counts in configurable tiles

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an Error when action definitions were changed by manually editing a configuration file

Action Form

  • Fixed an 'Authorization Error' due to a shared module inheriting permissions of the referenced modules page
  • After selecting 'Create Form from Scratch' when creating a new form the user was not redirected to the form settings page
  • System was experiencing Javascript errors when submitting an empty value for a non-required Time field
  • Fixed an issue in new Date/Time picker where '24 Hour Time' setting was not being honored
  • Fixed minor UI issues in new Date/Time picker

Action Grid

  • Clearing a search did not refresh the grid results when 'Sync with URL' was enabled

API Endpoint

  • 'Restrict to Specific Domains' setting was not being applied


  • OnError conditions not being triggered on some actions when executed in a Workflow
  • Could not reorder or delete Actions from an 'Execute Actions on Entity List' Action
  • Name and Description fields were not pre-populating when editing a saved Workflow


  • Manually deleting a Role that was assigned to an Entity was breaking the system generated APIs and could corrupt the Entity


  • Menu not being displayed fixed for DNN 9.4+


  • Live tabs/accordion content was not being indexed by Search Boost


  • Resolved multiple InfoBox issues (bootstrap, action buttons, execute actions)


  • [PayPal Express] 'Unexpected error' message was sometimes being returned from PayPal Express Checkout action
  • [ESignature] field was not displaying in pop-ups when conditionally shown



  • All DNN Sharp modules/add-ons have been tested and adjusted to work with DNN 9.6.1
  • Patched Bootstrap JS to version 3.4.1 for improved security in all end user-facing modules
  • Plant an App skin patched to Bootstrap JS version 3.4.1 for improved security

App Builder

  • New tabular 'Entity Listing' view in Entity management
  • Removed dependency on Bootstrap in App Builder for a more consistent UI/UX
  • App Builder has been tested and adjusted to work with DNN 9.6.1


  • Minor UX enhancements to the Workflow builder


  • All Date & Time fields now support ISO format and are generated on forms using the new Date/Time picker by default
  • The 'Display Name' column of an Entity can now be configured to be searchable


  • Major performance improvements in consumption of client-side system resources when a rendered grid is idle


  • Added support for exporting Tokens


  • MyTokens UI/UX Refresh in Plant an App
  • Soon to be deprecated MyTokens features have been marked as (obsolete)


  • [Stripe] Increased the size of the CacheKey in order to support Stripe generated keys (101 chars long)
  • [EasyDNNNews] Added support for multi-value type custom fields

Next Release (minor release)

  • Several Support Center bug fixes and minor enhancements
  • DNN 9.6.1 shipped by default for hosted Plant an App instances
  • UI/UX enhancements for App Builder
Author: Reza Garrow
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