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Release v.6 has shipped!

Release Notes for 5.6.x of DNN Sharp Modules and App Builder 1.6

We are happy to announce our support for DNN 9.6.1 in our latest release of 2020.  This release is about more than just compatibility with DNN 9.6, it was a major release for DNN Sharp, and our parent company, Plant an App as a whole.   We're making the best of our social isolation time and doubling down on making our products and platform among the best on the market.   In addition to DNN 9.6.1 compatibility, in this release, you will find new features, performance enhancements, security updates, a better user experience, and a bunch of squashed bugs!

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Important Notes About Upgrading to DNN 9.6.1

Updated regularly so check back for the latest info

We are happy to announce our support for DNN 9.6.1 in our latest release of 2020. 
For a complete list of all the goodies checkout the 1.6 release notes.

For information about upgrading our modules and getting your instance up to DNN 9.6.1 read on...

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1000 Redirect Toolkit Downloads Served

We’re celebrating today because after 10 releases, a lot of hard work, and a whole bunch of community contribution, Redirect Toolkit has recently surpassed 1000 downloads served. It’s quite a number for DNN world. When we set out to build Redirect Toolkit we had one goal in mind, to make the DNN more powerful and easier to use. We wanted Redirect Toolkit to be a way for developers to effectively build all type all DNN redirects: user redirects, roles redirects, mobile redirects, variable ...
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A/B testing on a DotNetNuke portal

If you’re looking for a solution to find out what should be featured on your DNN portal and in what manner in order to best suits your  visitor’s needs,  then you should try split testing. 

Whenever you’re building a portal, you have to make decisions on content and design. Most of these decisions are based on intuition and imagination rather than facts. How do you accurately predict what your users will respond to?
Author: Ionut Grecu
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How to Create a Simple Checkout Registration Workflow with Redirect Toolkit

Aiming to deliver the best modules for our DotNetNuke interactive community is an ongoing goal for us. Our process is simple: listen to customers, think about their needs and all the while looking ahead to see what is on the horizon. Our goal and process has lead us to bring Redirect Toolkit to a new level: Redirect Toolkit is now the best DotNetNuke solution for creating redirects, segmentation and workflows. Because we’ve had a lot of our Redirect Toolkit users asking how to create ...
Author: Ionut Grecu
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