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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Search Boost 3.1, DMX Add-on And Live Tabs Add-on Are Here

Here we are with three new releases...

Over the last few months we have been hard at work building Search Boost version 3.1. After extensive development and testing, today we are happy to announce its release.

The mantras for Search Boost 3.1 were improvement, refinement, gears shifting. This is a major release that includes several new features, numerous significant improvements and 2 new add-ons.

3.1 has been in active development for months since, and even before, version 3.0 was released in June. Over the last four months, we have spent countless hours working to improve not only major features of the module but also the little details. When building a product that is powerful and easy to use, it is often the minor details that really make a significant difference.

Gears Shifting  - The Add-ons Way

Search Boost debuted in March 2009 and since then has grown quite a bit. Customer feedback has been terrific and contributed in a significant way to the refinements put in place and features added over the past six years. The module itself has matured a ton and we’re quite happy with the progress as well. Now that Search Boost as proven itself as something that will continue to undergo additional refinements, iterations, and improvements, it’s time to shift gears slightly.

Search Boost 3.1 invites you also to meet with its firsts premium Add-ons: DMX Add-on and Live Tabs Add-on.


Document Exchange (DMX) is a document management solution for DNN. DMX Add-on improves DMX documents searches by allowing Search Boost to properly index the content from DMX documents and include it in search results.

Live Tabs?

Live Tabs is a DNN module that create tabs from HTML Content, DNN modules, RSS Feeds. Live Tabs Add-on allows Search Boost to index Live Tabs content so as to make it searchable.

Dozens Features, Improvements And Fixes

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look closer at what else is shipped with Search Boost 3.1 besides the two add-ons:

  • Implemented the ability to specify security for Custom Rules
  • Implemented the ability to index per instance
  • Created a dashboard with Indexing Statistics, Switch Instance, Popular Searches, Latest Searches
  • Added Bootstrap date pickers to start and end date for reports
  • Added a SAVE button on the top menu horizontal bar
  • Added a button to reindex content on the save success message
  • Rewritten Custom Rules wizard with AngularJS
  • Implemented stats for urls and on Abort stop url indexing
  • Implemented the ability to display number of items in queue in Dashboard and set Status to Indexing when > 0
  • Implemented the ability to show the absolute index inside queue of the first job that belongs to current instance
  • Refactored the search results URL system
  • Reintroduced the import/export functionality
  • Removed search input templates from version 2.9
  • Remove sbdownloaddoc
  • Dropped query builder functionality from Custom Rule
  • Fixed back to portal opens the homepage when the user opens the settings page in small iframe
  • Fixed results are not displayed on parent portal when index is made on both parent and child portals
  • Fixed social sharing options get unchecked on refresh
  • Fixed custom rules are not indexed
  • Fixed site maps are not indexed
  • Fixed external URLs are not indexed
  • Fixed modules set in exceptions are indexed
  • Fixed search is not made in folders with different type than the standard DNN types
  • Fixed disable PDF Files option when IFilter or PdfBox are not installed
  • Fixed error thrown when adding SearchBoost Input module on a page
  • Fixed User sort by PubDateStr Ascending/Descending option does not work
  • Fixed menu layer remains displayed while navigating through options and overlaps the General and Document Search options
  • Fixed search settings opened in small iframe is not responsive
  • And dozens more

Perhaps it’s a little easier to understand when you see in action. What are you waiting for?

Download Search Boost 3.1 now

One more thing. DMX Add-on is available for free to active Search Boost licenses holders by date. Just email us at sales@dnnsharp.com and you'll receive the Add-on. All you guys need to do then is update to the latest version of Search Boost.

Having Issues After Upgrading?

We have tested version 3.1 extensively and have even been running it on our own portals for several weeks now, but as with all software, there are always unexpected issues in certain environments that arise after updating. If you experience any issues at all, let us know in the support forums and we will do our best to assist you.

Happy upgrading!

Thanks Guys

In the meantime, tell us: Is Search Boost 3.1 close to what you’re looking for?  Would you suggest a different approach? This release is for you guys, our users, so we’d love to hear what you think.

Enthusiastic hip bumps to Valentin and Sebastiana in our crew for their outstanding work for this release. We just know their mad scientist levels of genius will be seen in Search Boost 3.1.

Thank you all to all of the existing Search Boost customers. We appreciate every bit of feedback we’ve received. The improvements made to the module over the past 6 years are thanks to all of you. We’re really excited to see where Search Boost is! 

Author: Ionut Grecu
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