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#4: Email verification - prevent users from registering with fake/disposable email addresses

1001 things you can create with DNN Sharp products

Watch Mihai detect fake/disposable email addresses with the awesome Email Verification Add-on. Know your audience and better target your marketing campaign with a few easy steps.

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Grab Your Party Hat: Action Form 3.8 Released

Grab Your Party Hat: Action Form 3.8 Released

All those months of effort, hundreds of hours of development, pseudo-literal of blood, sweat, tears and caffeine have paid off. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No!

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen: It’s the new Action Form 3.8 release hurtling down towards your account at the speed of fibre optic light! Its time for you to prepare your DNN portal for a super charged faster than a speeding rabbit release that will surely please you.

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Action Form 3.7 Is Released With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Easter just passed so now we need to take off the party hat, brush the confetti from our shoulders, and turn our eyes forward. “Tempus fugit” as they say. So brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit down at your laptop and get ready for. . .what exactly?

For a new version of Action Form, of course. Guys, Action Form 3.7 is out and it comes with new features and looks amazing!

Action Form 3.7 is not just a fresh coat of paint. We’ve made the core experiences at the heart of Action Form better.

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Introducing Our Hot New Brew... DNN Excel Generator Add-on

Keep the add-ons rolling! Drumroll please...

Our team is ringing in spring with a great new extension, DNN Excel Generator Add-on! Like to crunch numbers and make pie charts? Or need to import your data into another software system? DNN Excel Generator Add-on allows you to quickly create an Excel spreadsheet that contains all or a portion of your data captured with DNN Sharp's modules. Yay! (Say what?)

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How To Tie Two Dropdowns Together Dynamically Via SQL In Action Form

This is a guest post by our friend and Action Form veteran, Jerry Mattox, from Genesis Consulting. His company develops and implements MLM software systems for the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Party Plan Industries. 

In this post Jerry shows us some tips, tricks and form wisdom on how to tie two dropdowns together dynamically via SQL in Action Form.
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